WOOD & Co.

The natural beauty of wood – it has been said so often that it’s almost a cliché.

But, it’s true, wood is naturally beautiful. And there is a wood species just right for every room in your home. Some hardwoods offer an informal, cozy, and casual look while others provide a stately, formal elegance. Why imitate the look of these gorgeous materials, when you can have the beauty and character of real hardwood in your home? WOOD & Co. will help you design, fabricate, and install wide plank flooring, structural and decorative wood trusses, timber framing, T&G paneling, moldings, stairways, and doors. At WOOD and Co., we transform ordinary rooms into Fine Hardwood Interiors.

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Ash decorative wood trusses

We design structural or decorative wood trusses in a variety of species, such as Douglas fir, oak, cedar, and cypress. Choose from mortise and tenon joinery, internal engineered connectors, or steel gussets. Decorative ironwork is also available.


Our wide plank flooring is available in an array of species, grades, cuts, and widths. Choose from new and antique woods as well as original patina antique flooring. Our hardwood flooring is available in fixed and random width patterns.


We provide solid wood paneling with T&G, butt-edged, and shiplap joints. Select square, V-grooved, beaded edge, and pickwick profiles for your space. T&G decking in many species is also available.


Custom-patterned flooring from WOOD & Co. includes herringbone, chevron, and parquetry patterns, including Parquet de Versailles. We are also able to create custom borders in matching or contrasting wood species.


Heavy Timber Trusses Balcony

We provide custom timber construction for balconies, post-and-beam, and many other projects. Our timber is pre-fabricated with mortise and tenon joinery, internal connectors, or steel gussets. Decorative ironwork is also available.


Custom heavy timber brackets, braces, and corbels are available in your choice of paint-grade or stain-grade wood. Mortise and tenon with decorative pegs or internal joinery is available, just like in our structural and decorative wood trusses.


Our beams, posts, and pulins feature smooth, rough-sawn, hand-hewn, or antique original patina surfaces. All products are available in new or antique woods in separate timber or our Heavy Timber Trusses.


Our one-of-a-kind doors are carefully handcrafted with stile-and-rail and frame-and-panel construction, in keeping with the tradition of fine cabinetmaking.


We can create standard molding and millwork profiles. Custom designs and patterns are available–made to your specifications. We can run our profiles in most wood species.