Plank Flooring - Imagine your rooms finished in your favorite wood in extra long, distinctive wide plank floors once found only in historic period homes.  The wider plank flooring, in longer lengths portend quality that stands out as a cut above the rest.  Hardwood plank floors elevate ordinary rooms to the spectacular.  The genial warmth and lustrous personality of wood plank flooring distinguish your home, making it memorable. 

Paneling - Nothing compares  to the unique experience of walking into a room with wood paneling.  The captivating patina and texture of wooden paneled walls envelopes those who enter with a sensual warmth unachievable with any other treatment.  Interior paneled walls have nearly always been decorated.  Originally, hardwood paneling was used as a means to seal a room from cold drafts, but almost immediately became showcase for craftsmanship, with artistic expression reaching its peak in the 18th century. 

Custom Doors - Customers often tell us that, of all of the fine architectural elements in their home, they are the most proud of their custom doors.  We are confident that your family will be proud of how our custom doors compliment your home.  We know of no finer hardwood door available at any price.


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Patterned Floor - Patterned hardwood floors turns the floor into a work of art.  From simple borders in same or contrasting wood species framing a room, to intricate designs built up from carefully cut wood pieces that become the focal point of the room, we're ready to fabricate your unique creation. 

We routinely custom fabricate and install unique patterned floors to our client's specifications in any most any species.  Give us a picture or a sketch of what you're thinking of, and we'll provide a quote in whatever wood species, or combination of species suits your plans. 

We provide:

Custom Radius Borders

Parquetry--Versailles, Bordeaux, Monticello, Weave, Brittany, etc.

Herringbone & Chevron patterns

Basket-weave for inset stone

Straight borders


Unique case opening highlights

Pegged floors - round & square

Hand-scraped flooring

Laser-cut inlays

Antiqued Walnut  Versailles Pattern



See recently fabricated custom flooring layouts:

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Flooring - Group B

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Flooring - Group E

Flooring - Group F