Hardwood moldings are beautiful. Suiting any architectural and decorative style, hardwood moldings can be used throughout the entire house, turning ordinary rooms into elevated, spectacular spaces. The genial warmth and lustrous personality of wood paneling and architectural details distinguish your home, making it memorable and unique.

Wood details reveal our personalities as we decorate our homes with wood appointments. The detailing makes a room whole – from the custom wood moldings to the stairs to the floors under our feet. Wood transforms a home from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We have a wide range of standard and custom wood moldings and millwork profiles to choose from. One-of-a-kind designs and patterns are available and can be made to your specifications. We can run most wood species in any of our profiles. Please contact us for more profile options.


Our stain-grade wood moldings are available in any wood species we work with. For painted moldings, we recommend paint-grade poplar. Lengths vary by species and grade, up to 16′ long; custom lengths available.



The reputation for quality and durability speaks for itself.  Dollar for dollar no other material matches wood’s aesthetic appeal, versatility and practicality.  Moldings frame and provide the finishing touch to any room.   Don’t shortchange your trim package.

The millwork, casework and trim package is one of the single most important investments you will make in the overall final appearance of your new home.  Though often relegated to inexperienced installers and many times sacrificed to last minute budgets cuts, the trim package shouldn’t be shortchanged.   In addition to your own satisfaction, how your home is finished will make a noticeable statement to those who visit. 

At WOOD & Co. we specialize in installed millwork.  We take pride in delivering the highest quality materials and installation.  We do one thing and we do it right.  Our materials and trim specialists are the best available.  Please take a moment to consider the following points regarding our products and services:

  • We use only poplar for paint-grade moldings because we believe that it is superior:
    • Poplar produces a higher quality finish – the grain in poplar is tighter, smoother, and has more consistent grain pattern yielding noticeably superior paint finish.
    • Poplar has less material movement. Our poplar is kiln dried to 8-9% moisture content, where most pine products are only dried to 12-15% moisture content. Therefore, poplar-molding joints are less likely to open up with seasonal humidity changes.
    • Unlike pine, poplar doesn’t have a messy sap to contend with.
  • WOOD & Co. moldings are always higher quality:
    • For example, a typical pine molding is approximately ½” thick versus ¾” thick for the same profile in any of our species. Thus, our thicker product produces more pronounced definition, standing more proud from the wall.
    • Our profiles, regardless of species, are generally thicker and beefier overall than our competition’s profiles – we are known for quality moldings. Our moldings are less likely to split on installation.


Our craftsmen are stain-grade-quality trim craftsmen used to working with wood having no room for error.  Every joint they make is meticulously measured and cut until it is just right.   While capable of providing creative advice and council, our craftsmen build strictly to plan, thus protecting your investment in architectural and design specifications.

Our trimmers show up days prior to starting installation to setup, organize, plan rooms, mark studs, chalk installation lines, check door heights and ceiling edges with laser-levels, and build wood racks to protect and organize your trim.   Any wall, floor or ceiling defect will be identified prior to installation thus allowing time for corrective measures to be taken.  This is important because large-profile trim tends to highlight and draw attention to inexactness in construction and framing.