Patterned wood flooring turns the routine hardwood floor into a work of art.  From simple borders in same or contrasting wood species framing a room, to intricate designs built up from carefully cut wood pieces that become the focal point of the room, we’re ready to fabricate your unique creation.

We routinely custom fabricate and install unique patterned wood flooring to our client’s specifications in any most any species.  Give us a picture or a sketch of what you’re thinking of, and we’ll provide a quote in whatever wood species, or combination of species suits your plans. Give us a call 770.514.0129


Traditional Herringbone floor pattern is one of our most requested patterned wood flooring options. The pattern can be varied by board length, width, and wood species.


Wooden grid patterns with inset stone or tile create a unique visually interesting floor.

Pegs & Borders

Wide Plank Flooring

Contrasting or matching pegs and borders compliment the floor, elevating an ordinary hardwood floor to the extraordinary.

Radius Border

Following a radius wall or other element in a room denotes a quality, and an attention to detail, flooring installation.


Similar to Herringbone, the Chevron patterned floor is a unique option. Many wood species create an eye-catching visual affect.


Alongside of Herringbone, parquetry is our most requested patterned wood flooring selection. The traditional Parquet de Versailles pattern is our most requested.


Patterned Floor Panels

Custom designed for your room, our parquetry is prefabricated T&G panels made in the olde world tradition, ready to install.


Gym Floors

Generations of experience in gym floor installation and routine rejuvenation. Complete gym floor solutions: installation, sanding, game-striping, logos, and professional finishing; also, screen and re-coat rejuvenation. Representing Action Sports Floors.

Re-purposed Flooring

Experienced in reclaimed antique and re-purposed sports flooring. This gym floor was reclaimed, the top 1/2″ was salvaged and laid-up on an engineered substrate, and ultimately installed as a visually interesting floor for a large Atlanta-based ad agency.



Visit our wide plank flooring page for more information about flooring options and our quality specifications.