Here are a few of the recent projects that WOOD & Co. has been involved in. 

References are available upon request.


Country Clubs
Capital City Club pavilions, Marietta CC Pavilion

Young Contracting
Avalon, Harry’s Whole Foods, Ashville Market
Reference: Heavy Timber Awnings, Trellis, Brackets

Sweetwater Park, Linear Park, Crossville State Park
Reference: Pavilions, Heavy Timber Truss, Brackets, Braces, Posts

Dunwoody Renaissance Park
Reference: Heavy Timber Truss, Timber Frame Construction

Red Top Mountain Park
Reference: Heavy Timber Truss, Timber Frame Construction

Harvest Hills Apartments, ND
Reference: Heavy Timber Truss,Brackets, Braces

Sellouk Beach Home
Reference: Arched Roof Rafter System

Stonebridge Church
Reference: Refinish Antique Floors

Charleston Restaurant at the Point
Kellogg & Kimsey, Inc.
Reference: Heavy Timber Truss, Brackets, Braces

22 Squared
Humphries & Company
Reference: Re-purposed Gym Floor, Original Patina Heart Pine Floor

Gay Construction Company
Reference: Herndon, Woodward, Pitts-
Mitchell Schools stage/flooring/paneling

McKinley Masters
Reference: Custom Timber Trusses, Box-built trusses

DreamBuilt & Marc-Michaels Interiors
Reference: Ebony library paneling, trim,
ceiling and custom walnut cabinetry

Atlanta History Center
Reference: Ballroom flooring

Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach
Skanska Construction
Reference: Maple Flooring

St John’s Episcopal Church
Gym Floor Wall, Paneling

Gym Floors
Douglasville High School, GA Tech University

Benecki Fine Homes
Luxury Homes; Reference: Flooring, Antique Timbers, Paneling, Decking

Brumbach Development
Sea Island Luxury Homes; Reference: Flooring, Cabinetry, Timbers

Woodruff Atlanta High Museum
Beers/Skanska Construction
Reference: Museum Oak Floors

Callaway Gardens
Batson-Cook Company
Reference: Conference Center flooring

Guenzi-Vargus Studios
Reference: Flooring, Timbers, Trusses, Custom Doors, Paneling

Duke Development
Reference: Flooring, Timbers, Paneling

Shannon Comer Architects
Reference: Antique Timbers, Custom
Doors, Shutters

Mikkidou Design
Galik’s Trusses
Reference: Custom Timber Trusses

Cameron & Cameron
Reference: Lane Timber Trusses


Pleased to be part of numerous LEED projects. Especially, this one where old heart Pine timber decking was reclaimed from a Civil War munitions depot near Lake Erie, re-milled into wide plank floor skins, laid-up on a Baltic birch laminated substrate and carefully installed in an Atlanta office as flooring.

The multi-hundred year old original patina was preserved throughout the process. The heart pine would have been originally harvested from the Southeastern US; it is now back home. In all, the wood is 250+ years old and has been on quite a journey.