Custom heavy timber construction projects are welcomed. We custom fabricate and install everything from small balconies and gates, to large-scale timber-frame construction. Experienced in both commercial and residential design, fabrication and installation. Give us a call 770.514.0129


Small timber balconies, porches, and other small timber projects are welcome. We offer design and installation services, as required. Custom decorative and structural steel & iron work are available.


Even custom timber gates and doors are within our strike zone. We fabricate using full mortise and tenon joinery for long lasting structural stability.

Timber Framing

Full heavy timber construction for buildings and homes is part of our suite of offerings. Joinery can be traditional mortise & tenon, internal engineered connectors, and steel gussets and through bolts as in this photo.


Not project or design is too large. We have access to custom selected and cut trees when extra large timbers are required.


Our craftsmen are experienced with traditional joinery techniques, such as mortise & tenon, pegged joints. We are also at the forefront of the latest internal engineered connectors. CAD design and engineering services are available.


We are experienced in commercial-scale heavy timber design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. Heavy timber construction is one of our specialties.

RECENT PROJECTS: Under Construction

post and beam trellis